Out of the Rain

Out of the Rain - Renae Kaye Mitch finds a drunken stranger in the yard of his neighbor. The stranger turns out to be 23 year old Elijah who just got kicked out of the house by his parent.

You know, if we should believe MM books then 80% of the LGBT youth is homeless and in desperate need of some cuddles.
I volunteer!

Mitch takes him in and cares for him. Elijah is not some shy boy, he knows what he wants and what he wants is Mitch in his bed.

That’s when I realised he was a tease. He swept his hands down my back, and then over my butt several times. I was just thinking that he was being rather thorough, when he came around my body and brushed off the front of my pants. And copped a feel while he was at it. “Elijah…” I growled low in my throat. He gave me a cocky look and pleaded innocence. “What? It was dirty.”

I really liked Elijah. He was not some meek boy who needed help. He could take care of himself and I loved that about him.

Mitch was described as a 38 year old man with a beard and I kept seeing Colby Keller in my mind. That is not a bad thing..


A cute short read.