Cowboy Trouble

Cowboy Trouble - Lynn Hagen Isaac and T-Rex. Yes, T-Rex. What can I say, they were cute together.

I think we’ve covered it all now. Bear shifters, mating, biting, pregnant men, ass babies, C-sections and now a miscarriage and finally adoption.


What really stands out in this series is that all men assume the tiny one in the relationship is the bottom and gets pregnant. I would have said it was a bear thing, the bear bites the human and the human gets pregnant. But what do you know, T-Rex is the big bad human in this and Isaac the tiny bear shifter. And still, T-Rex tops Isaac and Isaac gets pregnant.

There are so many things wrong with that I don’t even know where to start…

But hey, if I can ignore men getting pregnant, I won’t let a thing like this stray me off the path of bear shifter enjoyment.