Saving Ren (Barretti Security Series, Book 3)

Saving Ren - Sloane Kennedy 3.5 stars

Nice MMM story, but I did feel as something was missing sometimes.

It was nice to read a MMM story where not all three guys had to present to have sex. I would imagine it doesn’t work that way when you’re in a relationship with three instead of two. These guys had sex when they wanted, with two or three. No jealousy was ever involved. I really liked that.

Ren Barretti has just been rescued from a year in hell. He was captured with his team on a mission and he spent a year in captivity, being tortured. He suffers from severe PTSD and he needs some space from his brothers, so he disappears even though they just got him back.

What no one knows is that Declan, the police officer who questioned Ren when he was in trouble, offered his remote cabin to Ren.

Declan finds out the security system has been turned off so he knows Ren has to be in the cabin. He wants to go there to see how Ren is doing. He knows he is being followed to the cabin by Jagger, who works security for the Barretti brothers and he lets him tag along. Jagger suspected Declan of knowing something about Ren when he felt like Declan was hiding something.

When Ren tries to shoot them, they know he needs help. Jagger and Declan offer to stay with Ren, so Ren can heal some, but Ren only agrees if Jagger and Declan don’t tell his brothers where he is.

Being at the cabin with the three of them is a challenge at times. Because all three are attracted to each other, but won’t admit it, the tension is thick.

When Ren sees Declan and Jagger kissing one night, he takes a risk and follows his heart by joining them. After this the three grow very close together and start developing feelings. But Ren is still not healed enough for him to reconnect with his brothers..

I really liked these guys, big strong Declan and Jagger and smaller Ren. I loved how their relationship developed without hiccups. Of course I was not a big fan of the sudden angst and separation towards the end when secrets were revealed, but luckily it wasn’t that drawn out.

Overall a nice steamy MMM romance. No DP though. ;)