Shut Your Face, Anthony Pace!

Shut Your Face, Anthony Pace! - Al Stewart, Claire Davis 4.25 stars

What a wonderful book this turned out to be.

At first I was confused about Charlie. At some points he seemed so much younger than 18 but at other times he seemed so much older. Even the way he talked seemed… off somehow.

But then everything clicked when Charlie mentioned his mother learning him how to read emotions off people’s faces with the help of cards. Charlie was autistic! That’s why he had trouble looking people in the eye, and that’s why he needed everything to go a certain way.

But he also took care of his mom who suffered from dementia. And no one seemed to know this. He even kept it from his best friend, Anthony.

This is a beautiful story about two best friends and how they fell in love.


I just have to mention one thing and that is the hideous cover. I think it’s very sad that this beautiful book with such beautiful writing has such a weird and awful cover.