Holiday Outing

Holiday Outing - Astrid Amara 3.5 stars

This was a low angst, straightforward kind of story. With some mystery on the side. I have to admit it was somewhat lacking in the romance department, but entertaining nonetheless.

Jonah hasn’t seen his family in 4 years (no idea why the blurb says 12 years). As a successful writer of gay romance novels and with him being gay himself, Jonah is quite happy with the life he has built for himself. Well, except for the part where he lies to his family and feels he can never live up to their expectations.

When Jonah goes home for Hanukah he gets picked up at the airport by Ethan, his old high school nemesis. The jock who used to call him a fag. It turn out Ethan is staying with Jonah’s family, being a friend of the family and all.

There is some resentment from Jonah side, there is some awful flirting from Ethan’s side. There is some forgiveness, there is some sex and in between they are trying to solve who stole a precious family heirloom during a black out.

It was a nice story, not too complicated. Not a lot of character development or romantic moments. Jonah hates Ethan, Ethan crushes on Jonah, Jonah doesn’t want to like his old enemy, they kiss, they are boyfriends, they have sex.

Not a bad formula, but not a great one either.

Still, I had a good time.