All Kinds of Tied Down

All Kinds of Tied Down - Mary Calmes BR with buddy Tara

4.5 stars

I haven’t read a lot of Mary Calmes book, but never really liked them. So just when I was about to give up on her and accept that she just isn’t the writer for me, this book came along.


I am such an incredible sucker for a great friends to lovers story. Both Marshals, Miro and Ian have been working together as partners for the last 3 years. Miro is convinced Ian is straight, even though he himself is out and proud.

When Miro starts to question if Ian is indeed as straight as he thought, he decides to take a chance.

It was almost scary to realize that if I was reading him right, if Ian wanted what it seemed like he might, then this would be the very last time I wouldn’t be able to touch him whenever I wanted. Everything would change, because Ian Doyle would belong to me.

This had such a nice slow burn, I was thrilled. But when these guys finally got together.. holy moly, they were SMOKING HOT! (With an unexpected twist, which made it even hotter)


What I loved most about these guys together was that I felt as if they really needed each other. One was simply less without the other. I especially liked it that Ian was so needy, but only with Miro.

Ian sucked in a deep breath. “Okay, so I gotta go get on the plane, but, uhm, I’ll see you in the morning, all right?”
“Ian, don’ t do—”
“I wanna see you!”
It took a bit for his words to sink in. He wanted to see me?
“Okay? Is that fine? ” he snapped irritably.
It was so much more than fine. “Yeah, that’s good.”

These guys were pretty badass! I loved that about them. When they went after a guy, they got their guy!

“Hey,” I said. “Everything all right up there?”
“The fuck should I know, I’m in the elevator!”
“ Why’re you mad? ”
“ Why am I mad? ” he yelled. “ You jumped off a fucking building!”
“ Ian—”
“What the fuck?!”
“C’ mon, what’s the big deal? You jumped off a balcony the other day.”
“That was different and you were right behind me!” He was indignant and really loud.


I loved this book and if I had to have one complaint, it had to be that there were a lot of side characters with little to no background. I often felt as if I was reading a book in a series and I missed the other parts.

Still, I enjoyed the heck out of it. I now understand Karen when she said: “Mary Calmes is like crack.”