The Working Elf Blues

The Working Elf Blues - Piper Vaughn A cute little story with one of Santa’s elves and Wes, a young lonely man.

It was nice, it was cute, but I expected a bit more. Because for the first 50% everything that happens is pretty slow, then we get the great love story in 3 pages and after that there are a bunch of things happening all at once.

Sex is off page. Which was fine. This story didn’t need sex. It did need more pages though. This book would have been so much better if it was longer.

I didn’t really buy how Wes just believed Garnet was one of Santa’s elves. He wasn’t even upset about it. Well, if I were to meet one of Santa’s elves, this would have been me:


But nope, Wes accepts it and they fall in love…

I did like the story, but it all felt rushed.