Candy Man

Candy Man - Amy  Lane Well, this was… okay. I liked it, but I was also a little bit bored at times.

Apparently Darrin, the owner of a candy store is psychic. Reading Pixy Stix instead of tea leaves. See, there are all kinds of stuff you can do with it.


Darrin sees that Adam needs his help. When Adam walks through the door, he is hired on the spot.

Adam has been in the military for some time and after his family turned their backs on him, he has nowhere else to go. So when his cousin Rico asks him to house sit for the summer, he accepts.

While working in the candy store, he meets Finn, who works for the sandwich shop around the corner. The guys are instantly attracted to each other and what follows is a sweet romance.

Nice, but not that special. Though I did like Adam. He reminded me a lot of Rusty from Amy Lane’s Christmas Kitsch. But whereas I LOVED that story, this just sort of fell flat for me.

Here is an angry gummy bear for you.