Taken By The Gay Unicorn Biker

Taken By The Gay Unicorn Biker - Chuck Tingle A Weird Shit Wednesday Read.
We’re back, baby, yeah!

Since I have met my fellow weird monster porn readers I have come to appreciate a good weird shit read. We had our ups and we had our downs. A lot of our weird shit reads were actually pretty shitty, and not in a good way. It takes a special talent to write good weird shit.

And yes, this was some GOOD WEIRD SHIT people!

We have a young twink, lost in the desert after he crashed his car. A young dude who does not believe in anything supernatural, as he points out to us many times.

And because of that he doesn’t blink an eye when he meets his rescuer: a hot gay biker unicorn. Of course there is a motorcycle riding unicorn out in the desert! That is not weird at all.


It takes a couple of minutes pressed against the back of said unicorn for Mario to fall in love. Because, who wouldn’t immediately have the hots for something like this?


Because Mario and Kirk have finally found each other, boinking must happen!

Kirk is much larger than any of the human cocks that I’ve ever taken anally, and I have to admit that I’m slightly fearful of what his incredible size could do to my body.
I collect my wits, then reach down and spread my gay ass open for him. “Fuck me!” I demand. “Fuck me with your giant unicorn cock!”

And let’s not forget the romantic declarations of love.

“I love you so much.” Kirk the unicorn tells me, his eyes aflame with truth and passion. “I want to be your biker unicorn lover forever!”

And it all ends amazingly, with the two of them going to Mario’s brother’s wedding together. Where no one has a problem with the fact that Mario’s new boyfriend is a unicorn.

And they lived happily ever after.