What Happens At Christmas

What Happens At Christmas - Jay Northcote I expected this to be a bit more angsty, but I was glad it wasn’t.

Justin has been recently dumped by his boyfriend. His ex is going to be at the company Christmas party, with his new boyfriend, so Justin decided to bring his best friend Sean and pose as boyfriends.

Justin and Sean have been in love with each other since they were in their teens, but Sean was deeply in the closet until college and Justin had a boyfriend at that time, so it was never the time for them.

The Christmas party turns into a hot and heavy night, but both guys don’t know what to expect after that, so they try to keep it light.

I expected the ‘morning after’ to be awkward, but it wasn’t. Justin and Sean did hide their true feelings from each other for the most part, but at least they admitted to their attraction. I really liked that. No artificial angst due to lack of communication (only a little).

A great, low-angst holiday read.