Working It Out

Working It Out - P.J. Nevada Where to start with this...

I loved the premise, but it’s been a long time since I’ve come across an execution as bad as in this one.

The dialogue was so unrealistic I kept rolling my eyes.


----Spoilers ahead----

Patrick and Logan meet each other in the gym. Logan starts flirting with Patrick and Patrick is not immune to it. But after this first meeting there is already talk of a relationship. It was way too fast for me to believe in any of it.

This is what Patrick says after the first meeting:

”I’ve never looked at a guy, seriously I mean, but I do feel this connection with you. It is a very comfortable feeling.”

Wow, that’s fast.

And video phone sex after two meetings?? Initiated by the straight Patrick?


Third meeting, in public, goes like this.

I fell into his hug, and relished the feeling, letting him squeeze me tightly. I pulled my head back and stared at his face, and instinctively, we fell into a kiss.

Where is the doubt? The ‘OMG, I am attracted to a man!?!’ kind of internal conflict? Well, not here.

And then we get the most terrible kind of angst there is. Artificial angst!

“I want to come over, Pat. I am so damn horny. Been thinking of you all day. We need to consummate this relationship.”
“I am so out of it. My back and shoulders ache from sitting all day.”
“Well then, I am coming over right now to take care of you.”
“Logan, no. But thanks. In the morning I have to go back in to the office. I wish you could, but not tonight.”

He comes over anyway. And Logan gets mad when Patrick doesn’t want to call in sick the next day.


This GFY was so unrealistic, I have no idea why that angle was even used. It could have been a better story if the GFY aspect was totally taken out of it.

I do not recommend this one.