The Foundation

The Foundation - Diana McKinley 2.5 stars

This started out great. I was all for the hurt part and thought there would be some amazing comfort coming my way. Little did I know that the rest of this book would be all comfort, from every. Single. Person. In. this. Stupid. Book.

Ben gets beaten up by his dad for being gay (so far so good!).
He runs for his life and ends up at his neighbor’s house. The neighbor declares herself his new mom and her nephew tells Ben he is his new brother. Sure! Of course!

But Ben already has a brother, one who has never paid any attention to him because he wanted to be away from their parents. The brother, Braden, gets told by his best friend that it is time to spend more time with Ben. The best friend, Cord, says this because he has been waiting for Ben to grow up so he can claim him and make him his.

When the guys arrive, they find Ben missing and go out to look for him. When they find him at the neighbor’s house Cord storms in and practically declares his everlasting love right then and there.

And since we were only on page 68 of 317, I was wondering how the rest of this book would turn out. Would there be angst or some other misunderstanding to fill the pages? I really hoped not.

But boy, was I eventually hoping for some angst…


Because all we got is cheese.


Massive amounts of cheese.


Cheese cheese cheese.


And even though I like a bit of cheesiness in my books, this was just too much.

Everyone treats Ben like he is a wounded little bird. And I mean everyone. His new mom, his new brother, his real brother and of course his now boyfriend, Cord. Wait, I’m forgetting Cord’s parents and his sister. Instant new family!

But what bothered me most of all in this book is the fact that it is way too detailed. We get every single second after the beating took place. There is no room for the relationship between Cord and Ben to grow. The I love yous took place at around 50% and normally that’s okay, but only 2 days had passed in the story! I constantly felt I was reading a very long prologue. Because all these plans are being made for the future, but we don’t get to read about that future.

It was all, ‘Oh, Ben, your brother has issues, he is being mean to you, we need to protect you!’ And then they would talk about that issue for 30 pages. Talk about blowing things up…. Braden was just jealous and afraid of losing his best friend. But the author decided to use these little things as conflict in the story.

And what the heck was with all the crying? Everyone was crying all the time!

I can do cheesy, but this was just too much cheese, I totally lost my appetite….