The Roomate Study

The Roomate Study - Taylor Harper This book is adorable!! Don’t pay attention to the ugly cover though.

Phoenix and Ares are college roommates. (Oh God, I LOVE those names!)
Ares is the sweet shy virgin and has a major crush on Phoenix. Phoenix is the beautiful popular guy, who everyone wants.

Ares asks Phoenix to enter a roommate study with him and since Phoenix doesn’t have anything better to do, he agrees. When they fill out the question forms it is clear some of those questions are very personal. They find out they have entered the wrong study. But since they will be getting $100 per meeting, Phoenix says they should just continue.

Phoenix is aware Ares has a crush on him, but he knows Ares is innocent and inexperienced. Not really what Phoenix is looking for.

Of course with the two of them pretending to be boyfriends during the meetings of the couples project, Phoenix starts to get to know Ares better. It’s not long before Phoenix realizes Ares is different from everyone else. The two are starting to fall in love.

But Ares cannot believe Phoenix really cares for him, since Phoenix has always been kind of a manwhore and flirt with everyone and everything.

Now Phoenix has to convince Ares his feelings are true..

I loved these guys. They were just adorable together. There were two things that bothered me though. One was that Phoenix was perfect and EVERYONE thought so. I mean, strangers constantly wanted to take his picture because he was just so beautiful. And even straight guys complimented him on his looks… Uhh…. no, just no…

And I was really disappointed in Ares at some point (don’t want to spoil too much) for not believing in Phoenix. I’m not a big fan of this kind of angst. Luckily it was resolved rather quickly.

Overall I really liked this. This was an adorable college romance story with two amazing guys.