Clockwork Angel

Clockwork Angel - Cassandra Clare This is a 3,5 star.
It can go both ways for me with this trilogy. If the other 2 books are great, than this book is a good start. But if the other 2 books turn out to be exactly like this one (ok), than I will not like this series.

I keep in mind that I thought City of Bones was ok, but certainly not a great book, but when I read the 2 sequels, I totally loved the entire series! It just had a slow start for me. This could be the case with this series. So I am hoping this will be the case.

Tessa was an ok character. She is feisty and I like that about a girl in a book. Will was a bit too rude for me, but there is something wrong with him and he has to keep everyone at a distance. But he is not really lovable at this time. But.... he could be in the next two books.
Jem was sweet. And Jessamine is a terrible person, I really do not like her.

So I am hoping the next book will be a real page-turner for me so I will like this book even more.