A Hunger Like No Other

A Hunger Like No Other - Kresley Cole I liked this book, but not loooooved it.

I kind of loved the romance. I did like the overwelming love Emma and Lachlain share. But I did not like the valkyries. Too violent (even without reason).

What I really did not like in this book is that it is ok to have preconceptions about certain races/people/supernatural beings and that they do not change altough the person has proven to be not so evil.
For example, It is not accepted that Myst has a vampire husband. She is almost hated for it, by her own family! The fact that Nikolai has never killed a person does not matter to anyone.

So it is an ok book, but the world Kresley Cole builds is not the world for me. Not everything has to be so depressing to fill a book.