Blood Bound

Blood Bound - Patricia Briggs After reading the first book in the series, I didn't see it coming... I am totally hooked after reading this second book! I thought the first book was ok, but not very special. I know I almost never like a first book in a series, but even so I did not expected it to be this good!

Great character development and a lot of action. The book never had a dull moment. And I sometimes find it hard to really like a heroin who can kick ass without being a total bitch. But I really really like Mercy. She feels so real, with all her flawes. I can really relate to her (don't know if I will ever tell anyone that I feel related to a mechanic who can turn in to a coyote though....).
What I like about all the characters in the book, is that they are really not perfect. The good ones are not always good and the evil one not always that evil.
I like Stefan a lot, but I keep wondering if he really is good or slightly evil, or maybe just both. :)

So, I you thought the first book was ok, just stick with it and read the rest of the series. It is one of my favorites now!