Kiss of Snow

Kiss of Snow - Nalini Singh Wow, I almost have no words for this book. I think this book has the best sexual tension I have ever read!
This series is actually not one of my favorites. But I find myself actually liking it more and more when thinking back. The characters almost feel like my friends after reading 10 books about them. And I have always liked Hawke and Sienna. This book was even better then I expected (and my expectations were very high)!

What I liked was that the relationship between Hawke and Sienna did not change overnight. They did not kiss of touch in the first half of the book. The tension... aaaahhrrrrgggg it was absolutely mindblowing. Hawke being the alpha and just very very very likable. Strong, dominant, but very sweet. And I think Sienna is my favorite female character of all time (and that says someting!). She is so strong, yet feminine and sweet. I really liked her wits and intelligence. She is a true match for Hawke.

If you are not all that in to this series (like me), I suggest you keep reading. I cannot help it, I have rated most of the books 3 stars (mediocre) but I am addicted anyway. And this 10th book, it is worth all of it, even the 2 terrible books in the series, Mine to Possess and Blaze of Memory. :)