If I Die

If I Die - Rachel Vincent This was an absolutely amazing book. I finished it last night and re-read some parts this morning, but I am still overwhelmed by it.

Le me start by saying I adore Tod! He is sooooooo sweet. Now that I have that out of the way, I can start my review. :)

What I like most about the Soul Screamer books is that the books do not start off with a long introduction to the story. The action actually begins after a few pages. Love it! I got sucked in to the story each time from the beginning.

And If I Die was no exception. Except perhaps that it was definitely the best book in the series so far. Rachel Vincent is a very skilled author. She has a way with words that really appeals to me.

This book starts of with Tod telling Kaylee she is about to die in 6 days. And I liked Kaylee even more for how she handled all of it. It was the main focus of the book, but I liked that it wasn't the only focus. Trying to stop her math teacher from killing other girls was also very exciting.

And ofcourse.... Tod.... sigh..... Where can I get myself one?