Unraveling - Elizabeth Norris I didn't even finish it... I gave up half way through.
How can anyone ever think this is a good book...??

The things that bothered me:
- The love story... so far.. there is none.. There is no chemistry between Ben and Janelle (hate the name). They meet, they talk (very little), they kiss... and that is about it. We don't get to know Ben at all.

- The 'strange' event that happened to Janelle 2 years ago. Drugged and maybe raped. Janelle didn't report it to the police, she didn't do anything about it. And we learn all of this because Janelle casually thinks of it sometimes. It bothers her, but only because she tells us, not because she shows us.

- And the main thing that bothered me is that Janelle is trying to withhold information to the FBI because she thinks she is a better investigator. Because she thinks she can solve the case instead of the FBI. That was so unrealistic it made me laugh.

I wouldn't recomment the book to anyone. I gave it 2 stars instead of 1 because the writing itself wasn't all that bad. I think Elizabeth Norris could write a good book, this just isn't it.