Promise - Kristie Cook A lot of people who are rating this with less than 3 stars keep comparing this book to Twilight. And I think that is sooo not true. I am actually a huge Twilight fan. What I loved most about it was the tension between Bella and Edward. And that brings me to this book… There was absolutely no tension at all between Alexis and Tristan. They just spend time together (doing and talking about absolutely nothing) and then they fall in love. It is sooo boring. And I believe Alexis is just plain stupid. She does not think about who she could be, or that Tristan and Owen are different from normal people.
She actually sees them playing basketball with superhuman strength and speed and she thinks, Oh hey they are really good, instead of: hey they could be just like me with superhuman abilities.
Everything in the story is described as a huge surprise to Alexis, when I guessed it all from page one.

And Tristan, I am sorry but I really didn’t like him. He is supposed to be a bad boy who turned good, but I just thought he was boooring. He had absolutely no personality. He just decided one day that he loves Alexis. I didn’t even find him all that dangerous. Not intriguing at all.

So overall, I think it was a poorly written book with annoying characters. I am giving it 2 stars instead of 1 because it could have actually been a good book. The story could have been a great one… If the characters were better written.