Existence - Abbi Glines 3.5 stars...

It was better than a 3 star book, but not entirely a 4 star book. The main reason for it not being a 4 star book is because it is so short! And not in a absolutely-great-book-and-therefore-anything-is-too-short kind of way. But there aren't many pages and the story felt rushed. The story itself was intriguing and actually good, but with a little more description (and therefor a slower pace and more pages) it could have been a great book.

The love story was good and I really liked Dank (but the name.... Dank.. really?), but it isn't developing into a real relationship in my opinion. It kind of feels they just met the entire book and then it is suddendly a to-die-for love.

And I think the conclusion of the book was actually a surprise to the author as well, because my firtst thought was: why didn't Dank say something from the start to Pagan?!?! This was dangerous for her in the entire book and Dank just let it happen.

So although I liked the book and would recomment it to others, it could have been so much more.