Tempus - Tyra Lynn There are a few things that bothered me about Tempus. And also a lot of things that I did like. I will start of with the things I did like.

Gabriel and Jessie were very sweet together. I really liked Gabriel and there were a lot of great moments with the two of them.

The whole time traveling thing was very intriguing although not very well explained. Or perhaps it was and I just didn't get it.. I really didn't understand any of the explanations. And I am normally really good in the whole time traveling theory thing.

The relationships were very believable and I actually liked most of the characters. Gabriels dad was a bit creepy, but the rest was likable.

The things that bothered me:

Jessie.. bothered me. I didn't really like her. She was very shallow at some points. She would think about make up and clothes a lot of the time and at other times she was having a conversation and she would just start to cry because she was so very emotional. That was not very believable. I rolled my eyes at it when she seemed to have another 'difficult moment'.
And when she, Julie and Steve are about to meet Gabriel, Jessie is worried that the new employee of her father would be very ugly and she could not work with someone who was ugly. Excuse me???? She just has to work with him, not marry him (at that point Gabriel was nothing but a new employee in her father's store). She sends in Steve to take a look and he sends a text with: Come in, he is normal. I could not believe that that was actually what Jessie was thinking. That kind of did it for me, I did not like her. She does change after meeting Gabriel and learning the truth. So I didn't dislike her entirely at the end. But I do not love her.

The romance was a bit slow in the first half of the book. It wasn't really there. Jessie dated Steve and all of their meetings and conversations were very detailed. It didn't have to, because it served no real purpose. I get that Jessie first started to date/like Steve and then met Gabriel and there was supposed to be somewhat of a love triangle, but there never was. Gabriel was her true love so there was never any doubt (at the end).

And the ending. Things changed too much in my opinion. I will not spoil too much and it is not some dramatic ending so don't be afraid, no cliffhanger. It was ok, but just a bit puzzeling.

So overall it was a fun read and I would recommend it to others. It just wasn't a GREAT read. I probably will read the sequel and the series has the potential to be a really good one. So I will see what happens...