World After

World After - Susan Ee A book is only as good as the characters in it. And Susan Ee really knows how to write lovable (kick-ass) characters!

I have decided: Penryn is definitely my favorite heroine of all time! :)
She is a strong person who knows what needs to be done to survive. She is not cocky about being able to fight. She does not brag about it (hate that in other books). She just knows some things need to be done to survive the World After. She does not sulk or whine about being all alone.

Raffe, what can I say about him. Where can I buy one???? I want myself a Raffe! I adore him. The way he cares about Penryn is so sweet. And I admire him for not acting on his feelings because he is convinced that Angels and Daughters of Men can not be together and will bring forth terrible things. Ofcourse I am hoping some very sweet romance in the next book, but I admire him for believing in something and staying strong.

The story was a bit slow in the beginning, but that didn't really bother me. It still kept me glued to the book.
In the middle it started to pick up pace and after that I really couldn't put it down and it had to come with me during cooking and cleaning. :)

My advice: just read it!