Touched - Corrine Jackson Why I gave this book 2 stars? Well, definitely because of the romance, or should I say lack thereof. I mean, there was a romance, just not a very believable one. I found Asher to be a character without substance. He has absolutely no quality I can recall now. And Remy... I don't know why she fell for Asher. And because she fell for Asher so quickly and the 'I love you's were flying all around I couldn't find myself to care for either of them.

And the similarities to Twilight were sooo obvious! Don't get me wrong, I adored Twilight! And I normally do not compare books to one another, but I couldn't help myself with this one. Just some examples:
Boy is dangerous to girl, must stay away, but oh I cannot stay away, we have to make it work, no it is dangerous for you (you get the picture), the whole mind reading thing and I thought one scene was almost identical to one in Twilight, the scene were Asher has to show Remy that she must not underestimate his power and strenght, that he must show her how fast he is and how dangerous he is, ring a bell right?

The book started out quite promising, it just didn't deliver..