Shatter Me

Shatter Me - Tahereh Mafi After so many negative reviews I was wondering if I should even start the book. Because what I read in the reviews was so not appealing to me.
Thank god I downloaded the book and forgot this was the one with these reviews. Because I actually really liked the book! I know it has its flaws and it could have been better. But I still thought about this book during workhours and couldn't wait for the kids to go to sleep at night to pick it up again.
I actually liked all the 'strange' phrases. I thought it gave the book something extra. And I know all the too unrealistic things that happen in the book (except for the obvious things) are a bit too much at times, but I still liked it.
I did find the book could have been longer. Somethings felt very rushed and could have been better explained.
But I was still intrigued even when I didn't fully understand everything at once.

This feels a bit strange to me, because I am not a person to give a high rating after reading a lot of well considered and intelligent negative reviews from people. I usually agree, but not this time.

This books works for some people and appearantly not for others.
Just give it a try...