Masquerade - Cambria Hebert It started out quite promising. I thought Heven was likable, but.... after the first half of the book... not so much. First of all, the name, Heven.... really?? I could not get over that.
And she was starting to annoy me after 20 or so pages...

What bothered me most about this book was the romance I think. Sam was nice, but started losing a lot of points after his declaration of love after only a few meetings/dates. I did not feel the love at all between Sam and Heven. They just hung out, talked a few times and suddenly there terribly in love and could not live without each other.
And why is it that a lot of autors feel the need to insert a best friend who is beautiful, populair, but sometimes a real bitch? I cannot relate to this at all.

I am going to have a lot of time on my hands in 2 weeks (maternity leave) so I downloaded 30 books or so without looking at the reviews. And so far... this is the 3rd book that I did not like. They were all very simular and I think I won't be reading YA for a while if the're all like this. :(