Unspoken - Sarah Rees Brennan I really did like this book. It had a very intriguing story line.
There were some things that bothered me though.

What I did like:
- The bond between Kami and Jared. Just loved it! Being able to hear each other since they were children. Forming a very special bond between them. Being able to really trust this one person in the world above all others. Reaaaalllly loved it!

- Jared! I absolutely adored him. Finally a hero who is not all that perfect! Not the most beautiful and popular boy in town. As Kami said: He has these crazy eyes and he is really kind of a weirdo. Loved the description.

- The weirdness of the town. All the secrets and not knowing who to trust.

What I didn't like:
- I had very mixed feelings about Kami. She was funny at times, but trying a little too hard at other times. I liked that she trusted Jared in the first half of the book. I did not like what she did at the end! And especially what she said before doing it!

- Sometimes things were not explained all that much or not at all. It worked for some things, being mysterious and all, but other things just left me puzzled. Like the grandmother that was mentioned casually a few times in the book.

So it was a book I did like and I would recommend it to others. But I have just started the second book and I can only hope some things are resolved. If it is not, than it could be I will not go on with this series.