The Student Prince

The Student Prince - FayJay Re-read July 8 2015


This was a really funny, heartwarming, charming, feel-good, sexy story.
I adored Merlin. He was so incredibly funny. And the way he and Arthur were always bickering, loved it!

Arthur is not supposed to be gay so it takes them some time to actually get together, but I loved the slow burn.

And the sex... HOT! I was a bit dissappointed at first that the first sex scene in the book was skipped when things got heavy, but thank god the other sex scenes were left in, in detail. Good buttsex is important.


Favorite scene was definitely the one in the movie theater.

Want u2 suck my cock

You want U2 to suck your cock? Crikey! I had no idea you fancied Bono.

No you numbskull I fancy bonING.

Look Baldrick I'm treating you to dinner a movie ur supposed to put out.

You didn't buy me dinner! We ate in Hall!

Technically The Prince's Trust paid for that.

Skinflint! No sex for you!

What about the loo?

Arthur, you're off your head.

No, I just WANT head. Go on. Say yes.