Evenfall - Ais, Santino Hassell Re-read Sept 27th. Still the best series I've ever read.

My favorite series of all time! I am so impressed with the writing skills of Santino & Ais. I was sucked in to this world and never wanted to leave.

I can hardly explain how I feel about this book. Perhaps I should describe my life the past week while reading this book. I am soooooooo tired.... because I haven't had much sleep. I read while I was cooking, I read while I was cleaning the toilet (that was a challenge), I got up early in the morning to just keep reading and I read while I should have been sleeping (sleep is so overrated)... Yes it was that good!

I fell in love with Hsin (Sin) from the first page. He was so badass yet sweet. The perfect combination. He absolutely did not care what people thought of him.

And Boyd, my Boyd. I cannot express my love for him with simple words. The way he had given up on life and was trying to be emotionless, I was so intrigued. Because as it turns out, he was such an incredibly passionate person. He did everything with such conviction.


And when these two got together. OMG, explosion! The sex scenes, wow!


And the world building, just awesome.


Sin and Boy are my favorite couple of all time. Their chemistry together was amazing.

Highly recommended.