Afterimage - Ais, Santino Hassell Re-read Oct 5th. So.... I thought I could escape the madness that is this series because it is just a re-read... Right... I have read a 1000 pages in two days.... Yeah, so long to not being obsessed the second time around...

Another excellent book in the ICoS series. Words can never express my feelings for these books. I have been totally consumed by them. I could not stop thinking about Sin and Boyd. These books suck you in..

This one was all about the feels…


This book had me crying and hurting along with Sin and Boyd, but also laughing. I fell in love with all the characters even more in this installment.

My beautiful Boyd

Gorgeous Sin

The world Santino & Ais created…. I am so in awe anyone could write with this much feeling.

These characters are not perfect, they are flawed in so many ways. They make a lot of mistakes and they hurt each other. Often without meaning to. But because I loved the characters I had no trouble forgiving any of their actions. What they did may not have been smart, but it was all understandable. Not once did I ‘hate’ one of the beautiful people in this book. Well, except the bad guys of course… And Boyd’s mother, Vivienne, damn what a bitch… don’t think I will ever like her.

And at the end, one of my favorite characters came back! Yay, this guy is so hilarious! I am going to love reading more about him in the next book. I love his attitude: quit whining and deal with it!