Fade - Ais, Santino Hassell Major book hangover now....
I feel so sad that I won't be able to read more about Sin and Boyd. That I won't be able to enjoy all of the other characters. Now I actually have to come face with the fact that I do not work for the Agency, that I am not an assassin and I do not live in a world where Sin, Boyd, Emilio, Carhart and all of the others are real.... I feel so depressed.... I really felt like I was there and now I have to say goodbye..


I absolutely loved this final installment of the series. I loved every.single.page…
This book will make you cry. Cry out of sadness, but also cry because this book will let you see the darker side of life, but also the beauty of it.



----- Spoilers ahead------

It was so heartbreaking to see Boyd fall apart. When Boyd thought Sin was dead, I could not stop crying. I felt like I was the one hurting so much. I felt every breath hurting, every thought of Sin being too much. But it was also beautiful to see that Boyd found the strength to keep himself going. He was hurting so much, but he just kept himself together somehow and wouldn’t give the Agency an excuse to terminate him. So he did the only thing to keep him from falling apart, he would prove to The Agency that he was a worthy agent. And boy did he become a badass super agent.
I was a bit afraid that I had to read hundreds of pages where Boyd is hurting so much that I could not take it anymore, but that is not the case. He hurts a lot, but is also determined to keep himself going and it was so beautiful to see him find a part within himself that needs to go on, for Sin.
And the whole Danny thing had me hooked. I liked it! Sin and Boyd got the chance to meet again and to get to know one another all over again. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.

And the balcony sex scene. Oh my, oh my.


Sonny and Ais have the uncanny ability to make you believe you are there. No character felt flat and even the people who are only mentioned once felt real to me. The extended descriptions made it all very realistic.