Close Protection

Close Protection - Cordelia Kingsbridge 3,5 stars.

Luca is an 18 year old spoiled rich kid who got assigned a new bodyguard, Ryder. Ryder is 28 years old and although he is gay, he has no intention to fall in the hands of his beautiful charge. It is said Luca can even turn a straight men and get him in to his bed. Luca does everything in his power to seduce Ryder, but Ryder turns him down again and again.. until he no longer wants to turn Luca down. But Ryder still has a job to do and that is to protect Luca. His job got a lot more difficult when there is indeed someone out to hurt Luca..

This is a difficult book to review. It was intriguing.. but there were parts that bothered me.
For one thing, the total unrealistic interactions between people in the beginning of the book. I mean... Luca met some guy at church(once!) and then he is texting him like they are old buddies.
What also bothered me is the fact that this guy, Ashton, is supposedly very straight and it takes practically nothing for Luca to seduce him. I know Luca is supposed to be able to get any man in to his bed, but this had me rolling my eyes.

The age difference was okay with me, but the fact that Ryder was Luca's bodyguard.. Unethical much? But hey, I tried to ignore that aspect and just go with the flow.

But I must say, overall I liked the story. It kept me intrigued.