Christmas Kitsch

Christmas Kitsch - Amy Lane Such a beautiful story. I re-read this every year at Christmas.

Rusty meets Oliver in high school. It takes him a while, but he finally sees that Oliver is more than a friend. When his parents see him kissing Oliver, they kick him out of the house.

Rusty is now on his own, but with the help of Oliver and his family he tries to take care of himself. But Rusty also wants to take care of Oliver and he feels Oliver deserves more than a crappy apartment.

But Oliver doesn’t care about the things they don’t have, like a bed.

”We don’t need a bed to be in love.”

I absolutely loved this.

“Promise you won’t leave me alone,” I said, my voice so clogged I almost couldn’t get it out. “Promise you won’t leave me in this shitty apartment, all by myself, when the only thing I want is you.”


These guys were just perfect for each other.