Camp Hell

Camp Hell - Jordan Castillo Price The first book in this series was really good, but way too short. The second and the third ones were absolutely hilarious! Book four was also really good, but started a darker trend and this fifth installment continues with it. I must say, I actually liked the lightheartedness of book 2 and 3 more.

This book concentrated mostly on retrieving Vic's memories of his time at Camp Hell. And although I really enjoyed reading more about his time there, I did not like Stefan, so the sessions with him to retrieve more of his memory... I did not enjoy that...

And I was having a hard time getting in to the whole no-one-knows-I-can-really-see-and-speak-to-ghosts-thing. That was never an issue before! I really excited me to find out Vic is not a level 5, but way way up, but I kept thinking the author must not have thought about this particular twist when she wrote the first few books. All of a sudden it is a really big thing.
And the whole F-PiMP (great one Crash!), I actually could not get in to the whole thing. I love myself a little paranoia and conspiracy theory, but I liked it more when Vic was just solving cases for the police with the help of his ghosts.

Still.... I adore Vic and Jacob, so it was still a very enjoyable read. It still earned 5 stars... just because Vic is so funny.