Sticks & Stones

Sticks & Stones - Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban 3,5 stars

So where do I start...
I understand the appeal of this series, I really do. But... (there is always a but) Zane and Ty frustrate me to no end!
I actually liked this second book more than I did the first one. I liked the fact that they went to see Ty's family and I really liked Zane and Ty spending time together as 'friends'. The things that happened up in the mountains were exciting and kept me interested. I liked the things Ty and Zane learned about each other and I liked the fact that they learned that they can at least trust each other when there is a life or death situation.

Like like like... but why didn't I LOVE it?
There are just some things that have bothered me ever since starting this series.
I keep thinking Zane and Ty could be so much more! What is supposed to happen when two people meet is that they like or dislike each other, they get to know one another and they start liking each other or they never do. Ty and Zane sometimes act as if they are a well oiled machine and know each other through and through and sometimes they kept saying that they don't know each other that well. It was very confusing.
There is all this talking ABOUT their relationship, from Ty, from Zane, from Duece (love him!) even from their captain, Burns. Why does everybody keep doing that? It's overkill! Why isn't someone saying: let's just see how everything goes... instead of all this overanalyzing!
It's as if everyone thinks the relationship between Zane and Ty has to be their main focus and nothing else matters anymore. I know MY main focus is their relationship, but it is not realistic that every character in the book is that focussed on these two men and how they get along.

Relationships sometimes takes hard work, but damn do these two take that to a whole 'nother level!

I am not sure if I will be continuing with this series.... What I have read so far is that it will stay this way and that they are never really happy... And neither will I while reading that...