Armed & Dangerous

Armed & Dangerous - Abigail Roux I don't know what more I can say that doesn't make me sound like a total Zane-and-Ty-basket-case. Oh well, I guess I am one.

In the beginning of this book it looked like Ty and Zane were going to be working apart. I was kind of looking forward to the reunion sex. ;) But it turns out they are working together after all.

They have to detain Julian and they decide to take his boyfriend Cameron with them to assure Julians coorporation.
Julian and Cameron were fun. Julian being the dangerous killer and Cameron being the cute and sweet boyfriend.
I loved it when they found out Ty and Zane were more then just working partners.

Zane and Ty were really frustrated that they coulnd't show their feelings for each other so they were bickering all the time. It was fun!

Ps, don't read this series if you want a story to be very realistic. I mean, killing a few CIA guys and not be bothered by it when they find out they didn't kill the bad guys but real CIA people???
Well, I am happy in my own I'll-believe-anything-when-it-comes-to-Ty-and-Zane world. :)