Superhero - Eli Easton Re-read June 15t 2015

Audio version

Still LOVED it. Audio is pretty great too. Tristan Wright has a really young voice, so perfect for 18 year old guys.


This is such a sweet coming of age, friends to lovers story.

Jordan and Owen have always been best friends. They support each other no matter what. When Jordan comes out at school, Owen is there to support him. Even though people make it clear that Owen Nelson is not allowed to be gay too. That is not possible for the school’s all time favorite wrestler…

What made this book different from other coming of age books is the upbeat feeling of this story. It has been done before, the gay kid having a big crush on his straight best friend. But in this story I could always feel how dedicated Owen and Jordan were to each other. They do have to overcome some issues and Jordan even decides they cannot be friend anymore, but it never got too angsty.

Oh, one more important thing. Yes, there is some sex in this awesome book. Making it even awesomer. I especially loved the tentative exploration half way through.

Yes, you go read this book now.