Ball & Chain

Ball & Chain - Abigail Roux This was not what I was hoping for.
Ty has been gone for 6 months... where were the tender moments, where was the heartbreaking reunion I was waiting for? At least give me some good reunion sex!
So this book was a bit of a disappointment.

The other books had its flaws but there was always one thing I could count upon: the main focus was always the relationship between Ty and Zane. So not the case with this story...
I read these books because I want me some good Zane and Ty time! I definitely did not pick this book because of the whodunnit. I couldn't have cared less if cows from outer space were behind the whole thing!

And I actually missed Zane in this book! Yes, he was there, the entire time, but that was just it, he was just there, noting else. He doesn't talk much and we don't get Zane's POV a lot.
Another thing that bugged me, there were almost no tender moments and sex scenes.. Major letdown!
This was more a book about Ty, Nick and Kelly. I am still having trouble liking Nick.. He was a bit whiny with the whole I cannot trust you anymore, Ty.
It was as though Abigail Roux thought, hey I cannot create problems for Zane and Ty this time, overdone that one in Touch & Geaux, so let's create problems between Ty and Nick. Whyyyyyy??? It took away my Zane and Ty time!

The tenderness in Stars & Stripes was a bit much and the heartbreak in Touch & Geaux was definitely not my thing, but there was no real emotion in this book. It was actually kind of boring.. And without some real Ty and Zane moments that was all that it was, a boring mystery.

And one other thing, the book was funny at times, but it took the fun out of it when after each pun it is mentioned that it was indeed a pun. I know that already!

So, I didn't totally dislike it, but I hope Abigail Roux does a better job with the final installment!