The God Eaters

The God Eaters - Jumping Jack Flash, Jesse Hajicek This book was really great. I would have given it 5 stars, but it kind of dragged a little in the middle, so 4 stars it is.

Ash and Kieran were very lovable and I loved the character growth in the story. Ash went from this shy scared-of-anything kid to a self-confident and, let’s not forget, powerful young man! And Kieran was so cynical in the beginning of the story and he was so sweet at the end. Ash and Kieran found out they were so much better when together.
I loved the first part when they are imprisoned together best. The middle was a bit confusing at times and some things could have been left out, it was a bit boring. But the ending was goooooood. I loved the (magical) bond formed between them. They were so badass when they were using their magic to fight! Loved it.

There were not a lot of sex scenes, but that was okay (no fade to black scenes). I would have been fine with a little more sex and a bit more details, but hey, cannot have everything. ;)