Aftermath - Cara Dee Re-read March 5 2016

Still so good.

This story starts with Austin and Cam trying to adjust to real life again. It's hard for them to deal with the aftermath of being abducted and tortured for 5 months.


They were abducted along with 8 other men and locked in a cellar. Austin and Cam were put in a cell together. They didn't know each other before the kidnapping, but living under these circumstances for 5 months really created a bond.

Four words had become their motto: "Gun or no gun." Regardless of obstacles, they'd fight for their lives.

They went through hell together and found comfort in each other after their escape. Austin is struggling with his failing marriage and Cam with his anxiety. These men have such a strong bond together, it felt only natural it turned into something more.


I loved this one. Their abduction and the 5 months they were held captive is being told by flashbacks, but even though I'm not a big fan of flashbacks, this was beautifully done.

No real relationship angst in this. Cam and Austin were trying to overcome the trauma, but at least they had each other.