Catch a Ghost

Catch a Ghost - S.E. Jakes I have absolutely no idea how to rate this. I want to give it 3 stars because I really liked Prophet and Tom, but did I like the story itself? With A LOT of editing I would have liked it more.

Tom and Prophet were really great characters, but…. the story really sucked.
I was confused all the time! I have no idea what the fuck the EE is they’re working for (neither do I know what EE stands for). The flashbacks Prophet was having.. could not understand anything of it. A lot of times I was wondering if I was reading book 2 of the series and I just happen to miss the first one. I felt like I was supposed to know the persons which names were mentioned. Did I miss the memo?
And I hated the lack of description of well.. everything.. Tom knocks on Prophets door. I kept picturing this apartment, but then they go upstairs, is it a house then?
And just when I thought Tom was sitting in a chair with Prophet behind him, massaging him, he is suddenly bent over the table and Prophet is suddenly on his knees using his tongue to feel Tom because he cannot use his hands. What the hell happened to Toms clothes? He was naked while doing research on his computer? I actually read this page 3 times, because I kept thinking I missed something.

And right when I thought I knew everything I needed to know for the story, it is suddenly a PNR, with Tom having this premonition thing? I still don’t know what that did for the story.
And the sex scenes were okay, but right when I really got in to it, they just have an orgasm? Just like that? That took 3 pages to work up to it and then it just ends?

I will settle for 2 stars and I won’t be reading on. Too bad, it had potential.