Strength of the Pack

Strength of the Pack - Kendall McKenna This book absolutely short-circuited my brain. I am totally and utterly in love with Lucas and Noah! I hope I can express just how much I loved this book. Every once in a while I get my hands on a book that just blows me away, that reminds me just why I read.
This is definitely one of those books! And to think I had this book on my to read shelf for quite some time now. I did not expect to like it this much!

What I like the most in every book I have ever read is the tension between two people. The part where neither of them is sure of their feelings, the hesitant part. The part where there is affection and hot sex but no declarations of love. Most books can handle this, but not too long. Because that would be unrealistic, sex and affection automatically leads to talking about feelings or some stupid misunderstanding to push each other away. I live for the part before this happens.
This book….. wow…. this entire book consisted of that first part. The sexual tension, the supercute hesitation towards each other, the tender moments… absolutely to die for!
When Lucas and Noah meet there is instant sexual tension. When they form the Dominant/Werewolf bond.. wow… that is one hot scene! And the fact that they are Marines made me love them even more! The military stuff was handled really well in this one. In the other Kendall McKenna books I have read it is a bit overdone. Not in this one, it has exactly the right amount of action and military talk to keep the story going, but not too much to distract us from the real focus, Lucas and Noah.
The fact that Lucas kept thinking it was all just werewolf stuff for Noah was sooooo cute. He tries so hard not to let Noah know that he loves him.
These are two amazing Marines! I really loved both of them. Two HOT Alpha Males. This was emphasized by their rank and position in the Marine Corps. And yet… so sweet when together. I adored the fact that everyone around them was just in awe over their bond. No homophobics there! This is how the military should be.. I feel a little sad that I know that it is not the case IRL.

Highly recommended!!