A Reason To Believe

A Reason To Believe - Diana Copland I liked this one!

There were a few times where I was bored, but overall it kept me pretty entertained.

When Matt is assigned to a missing child’s case he is led to the body by the dead girl herself. He is a bit spooked by this experience and that is why he goes to a paranormal gathering. That is when we meet Kiernan, a medium. Yes, he sees dead people, all the time... They wind up working on this case with the help of Abby, the dead little girl.

The writing was excellent, there was a nice flow to the story and it all felt real to me, even though this book was filled with otherworldly phenomenon.
The beginning was a bit creepy, but I wouldn’t say it was dead scary.
This book has some great characters. Kiernan was hilarious! Especially his crazy t-shirts. Matt was an okay character, but he was a bit too much of a standard cop for me to really enjoy him. And the female side characters were not bitchy for a change!
The romance was a bit standard, not much hiccups on their way. They meet, are attracted to each other, and everything goes rather smoothly.

Recommended only for those of you who like M/M suspense books.