The Wolf at His Door

The Wolf at His Door - Adrian Lilly DNF at 20%.
I am not going to rate it with so little to go on, but I have to say, what a terrible terrible book!
The characters, the writing style... none of it was even remotely appealing to me.

The writing:
I hated the constant POV changes. Everyone in this book gets a few pages... I didn't feel connected to anyone. And the author was trying way too hard to let us know these people are young. I have never heard anyone say the words, cool, bitch, fuck, bro, yo, hey, and so on... this much before. I know these guys and girls are 21, but people do not talk like this all the time!

The characters:
I was starting to like Alec and Jared. Jared was a bit too cocky for my taste, but perhaps he would undergo some changes in the rest of the book.. I was willing to read more and see.
But I could not go on after Alec had a threesome with 2 of his best friends (boy and girl). WTF!?!? He already started dating Jared, why on earth would he be okay with this??

Definitely not recommended.