Private Dicks

Private Dicks - Katie Allen Let me start of with this: what an AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL title! But... must say, I liked the story.

There are so man things wrong with this book I don't even know where to begin.. but the strange thing is, I liked it anyway.
First of all, the lack of description. I had absolutely no idea how Rhodes or Wash looked like. Who was taller, what color was their hair, what were they wearing. This was also the case for the other characters in the book. Carlos hires them to find his brother, who is 14 years old, but how old is Carlos, what does he look like? And Amelia Gomez, apparently a woman, but other than that, I have no idea.
And half of the time I had no idea what Rhodes or Wash were doing. Were they standing up, sitting down? When I was convinced Rhodes was sitting down and Wash was standing up, Wash walked over to Rhodes and hugged him, how does that work when you are sitting down?
And then there were a lot of inconsistencies with the character traits of Rhodes. In the beginning he was a bit shy, coming out to Wash and everything, but then all of a sudden he is totally comfortable with being gay and hitting on several men in the club (well, Wash and Trevor at least). Later on Wash and Trevor are talking about him as if he is always giving of these badass vibes, which surprised me because I could not picture Rhodes as totally confident and badass.
The romance was a bit confusing as well. Rhodes and Wash had been working as partners for over a year, they just found out the other man is not as straight as they thought, so they have sex (lots of sex scenes in this book), and Wash has to think about being in a relationship with Rhodes. Euhh... what about how Rhodes feel? It is totally assumed he would jump to the chance to be in a relationship with Wash. Oh, and it is resolved in a few days, they just decide they love each other.

But..... I actually did like it. But that could probably be because I am such a sucker for romantic involvement between people who work together (especially PI's/cops/FBI agents).

So if you are looking for a light read and don't mind if there are a lot of inconsistencies, go for it. I still had a good time reading this.