Six Degrees of Lust

Six Degrees of Lust - Taylor V. Donovan Re-read June 25th 2015

I loved it even more the second time. Sam and Mac are one of my favorite couples.


Sam and Mac bumb into each other at the airport and are immediately attracted to each other. They exchange numbers and two days later they meet at a hotel room for some fun.

After that explosive night they cannot stop thinking about each other and even though Sam’s policy is no reruns, he calls Mac and they meet up again. Mac lives in Texas and Sam in New York, but they eventually decide on a friends with benefits arrangements, because they cannot seem to stay away from each other.


Sam doesn’t want to care about anyone, but he finds himself drawn to Mac in a way he has never experienced before. Mac knows that it can never work with Sam, but he secretly really wants to. He thought he just wanted to have a good time before meeting Prince Charming, but he secretly hopes Sam could be his Prince Charming.

I adored these men. This book has the perfect combination of hot alpha males, amazing hot sex and sweet, tender moments.

Sam was so adorable with his rules.

Circumstances permit, we’ll get together once a month, two nights max, always at a hotel.

No pillow talk.

If there’s something OF A SEXUAL NATURE ONLY you want to try or need we can discuss it.

I understand things happen, but I really don’t care if you had a bad day or whatever else the times we hook up. If we make it to that hotel I’m fucking you no matter how shitty your day was.


Of course Mac has some rules of his own.

The no pillow talk rule has got to go. I’m a talker and refuse to remain quiet while in your company. I agree to spare you the details of my family and everyday life, but whether it’s in bed, the bathroom, or the damn roof of the hotel, I’ll talk if I feel like it. Up to you if you want to answer or not.

I insist we speak on the phone regularly. I’m ready for casual, no strings attached, but I draw the line at being treated like a cheap piece of ass. I need to know you a little.

Sounds a lot like a real relationship to me. But no, Sam needs these rules. Even though he doesn’t follow them because he simply cannot resist Mac.

Both men walked right into the other. Arms wrapped around Sam’s waist and Mac’s shoulders, and mouths fused together in the most passionate “Hello” Sam ever shared with anyone, right there in Gate 26, with the locals and the tourists and the gods as witnesses.

And the way Sam cannot help himself but to call Mac kitten, my heart melted.

“Kitten?” Mac didn’t look at him. He just poured more syrup on his waffles and kept eating.
“That’s what? The third… fourth time you call me that?”
“You look like a big cat and purr like one when we’re having sex.”

Besides the romance, there is somewhat of a whodunit as well. Sam is a hot shot FBI agent running his (mostly gay or bisexual) team and trying to catch a serial killer targeting gay men. I really got this CSI vibe from his team, and I love CSI. And just imagine a CSI with gay men! *drools*


This book has some other POVs too. It seems everyone is connected without them knowing. I loved it. I am normally not a big fan of changing POVs, but all of these guys were so interesting! From the androgynous looking homeless boy to the straight best friend developing feelings for another man. I loved them all. And Sam and Mac were always the main focus, so it never bothered me that we occasionally got a few pages of someone else’s thoughts.

This book is part of a series so it has an open ending. Book 2 picks up right where this book left off.

Absolutely recommended!