Between Sinners and Saints

Between Sinners and Saints - Marie Sexton I've re-read this so many times... I'm loving it more every time I read it.

This is not a book about pain, family problems and being afraid. This is a book about healing, family and love. It was absolutely beautiful.

Although the subjects handled in this book were heavy, this book made me feel warm inside.
It really is a book about healing and loving. The problems Levi has with his family are not about hurting each other, but about loving each other this much to try to overcome major differences.
And although what happened to Jaime when he was young was awful, this book is not about being depressed and about being afraid. This is about what love does to a person to make them whole again. To heal.

So if you are worried this book only deals with heavy stuff, don't worry, this book still makes you feel good. It was just beautiful. I could have spend several more days with Levi and Jaime.

Definitely recommended.