Out of the Blackness

Out of the Blackness - Carter Quinn Re-read so many times, lost count.


One of my favorites.
My go to read when I want hurt/comfort.

Avery has had a very tough childhood. He was hit by his mom and stepdad and left at a firehouse when he was 7 years old. His life in foster care should have been better, but it wasn’t. He and his best friend Joey were being beaten up daily by an older kid. It was so severe that Joey killed himself.

Avery, now 22 years old, is covered in scars, inside and out. He is afraid of his own shadow and he has trouble functioning on a daily basis. Fortunately he has his ‘brother’ Sam, who took care of him in their last foster family home.

He is scared out of his mind when a very muscular guy tries to talk to him. The guy, Noah, works next to the bookstore Avery works in. But even though Avery is terrified of him, Noah is persistent and slowly becomes his friend. Now Noah hopes it could develop into something more..

I know this book is not for everyone. I can totally see why some would hate this book. Because yes, Avery has the emotional maturity of a 12 year old at times. And it is not helping that his friends treat him like that too. I was rolling my eyes a lot whenever I read another ‘champ’ ‘squirt’ or ‘kid’.

But that being said, I have this incredible soft spot for the shy guys who had a tough life and who need to heal.


And this book concentrated on that part, the healing. It does display Avery’s severe issues, but only for us to get a better understanding of him. It is the overwhelming feeling of positivity and recovery that this book exudes that stayed with me the most. I can’t stand a book with people who are constantly depressed. And that’s one of the beauties that is this book, this is not about depression, it is about healing, about standing on your own two feet and facing the world.


Noah was so patient with Avery, I absolutely adored him.
And the way Avery got a little better with small baby steps, I loved it. The way he ultimately decided he wanted to get better so he could take care of himself instead of being taken care of by others, just wonderful.

This book is obviously not heavy on the sex. But there is a scene in there that was worth the wait. It was unexpected and HOT.

Recommended to people like me, who want to release their inner psychologist every now and then and who love a good healing book.