Finding Zach

Finding Zach - Rowan Speedwell 3,5 stars
This wasn’t as hard to read as I thought it would be. The beginning was, but the rest was not as dark as I had expected.
The beginning made me sick to my stomach, but that was ok, it was necessary to read what Zach went through to understand more of him.

There was angst, but it wasn’t all bad. David and Zach were perfect for each other. There were times when I wanted to slap them and tell them to quit all the bullshit and to just open up and TALK to each other. But this book was not filled with problems and misunderstandings, thank God.
But…. I did feel like something was missing. If I like the MC’s I usually don’t care what happens, I will like everything. But I got a little irritated with Zach and David at times. The way these two handled some things was just frustrating.

I liked the fact that David and Zach really needed each other. I am always a sucker for the I-cannot-live-without-you love.
I also liked Zach’s parents and David’s mother. Although it wasn’t always very realistic. Richard, Jane and Annie talked like a couple of 16 year olds at times. I know they are supposed to be all open-minded and hippie like, but it was a tad too much.

So, the angst was doable and overall I liked it. Give it a go, I recommend it.