Aaron - J.P. Barnaby This book started off slow, I liked it! We get to know Aaron and Spencer before they meet.
But because of this I expected the rest of the book to be taking it's time to handle things. And that is where it went wrong.
Aaron and Spencer consider themselves friends after talking to each other only once! They become best friends after a couple of days and admit their feelings for one another after a short period of time. It was not really realistic.
And when Aaron meets Spencer's father for the first time he immediately asks him to be his therapist. Eeehh... okay...? I thought this scene was very unrealistic.

After the great first 25% of this book I had high hopes for the rest of it, but none of it happened the way I hoped. :(
I was hoping for a slow buildup in the relationship between Aaron and Spencer. A slow building trust and perhaps some veeeeery slow building sex. We don't get that. We get a rushed romance, even rushed therapy sessions and not a lot of development in the relationship department other than what was there from the start (the being able to touch and trust each other).

Despite all of the issues I had with this book I enjoyed it anyway, but it could have been soooo much better!!